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Governor Palin?

Governor Palin this, Governor Palin that. Can so many people be so dense?

Hello!??!!!? Is there anybody home? (knocks on their heads)

Palin is the FORMER Governor of Alaska. Anyone who says “Governor Palin” (as did O’Donnell several times after her win) at this point in time is either:

a) too stupid or lazy to read and just repeats info they get from listening to those who are calling her Governor still

b) pushing an agenda they are too busy propping up with anything available  to bother with the truth, and so slip mistakenly into bold falsehoods at times

c) affected with memory deficit disorder. Palin quit formally in 2009 as governor.

Now there are those using this quitter to prop up their own plans, and presenting her as something other than what she is.

No, she is not a governor, she is a QUITTER of governor-ness.


C’mon, tell it like it is.


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