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Public awareness of research protocols can only be a good thing after the latest revelation of the US  medical  experimentation in Guatemala. Vulnerable populations were intentionally infected with syphilis.  The more you know, the better you can protect yourself and your loved ones from inadvertently becoming human guinea pigs for some bio-medical pharmaceutical experimentation.

Do you live near a medical research facility?  You may be particularly vulnerable. Please be aware that medical research protocols have a little known legal loophole for experimentation when it comes to life threatening emergencies for a single subject. One that could be YOU *. When a person is in a potentially life threatening position, this loophole  allows you to made a guinea pig for an experimental drug or treatment procedure without your consent or that of your family. Thank your legislators.

Calmly considered, many of you might be glad to volunteer for such a thing if it meant you had a shot at recovering from whatever life threatening illness you were suffering from. The key word to consider here is volunteer. When various bodily processes are shutting down, the ability to make informed decisions is most likely going down the tubes also. So tjos decision can conveniently (for pharmaceutical researchers) be made for you.  An emergency situation  for which Dr. X  has been provided experimental treatment Y by pharmaceutical corporation Z, can result in your unknown participation.  All above-board, documented, and legal.

Now maybe it helps a body, because after all, that is what it is designed to do.  Or, just maybe, it kills that body faster. Either way, it is entirely legal and allowable “research,” to be done on you, without asking.

What do you do about it? My suggestion is to  rethink the life and death power you  give to corporations, who by definition, are primarily motivated by profit. Rethink the life and death power our laws have given to  government research facilities. And remember that both are assisted in their actions by legislators whose motives are God knows what.

When an ambulance shows up at your door, it may be too late.


* excerpted from public documentation for the UCSF[ Univ of Calif, San Francisco] human Research Protection Program.

“The University and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wish to support a physician’s obligation to treat a seriously ill patient with all available modalities. The emergency use provision in federal regulations [21 CFR 56.104(c)] allows physicians restricted access to experimental treatments that would be otherwise off-limits. This guidance aims to support physicians by clarifying the strict emergency use requirements, and, by outlining the necessary procedures, to help ensure physicians are in full compliance with those requirements.

From the Indiana University  Center for Bioethics an excerpt from an article on BioHeme, an artificial blood substitute:

>>>The concerns centered on the design and implementation of a study of the blood substitute PolyHeme, made by Northfield Laboratories Inc.

Summary & Timeline

December 2003: Phase III Trial of Polyheme begins enrolling patients in a study investigating the “ Safety and Efficacy of PolyHeme ® in Hemorrhagic Shock Following Traumatic Injuries Beginning in the Pre-Hospital Setting.” The study starts at the injury scene and continues through ambulatory transport and up to 12 hours of inpatient hospital stay or 6 units of PolyHeme. Trauma victims are automatically enrolled unless they wear a blue bracelet that indicates their desire to “opt out” of the study.

Yes, you read that right, unless those accident victims were wearing a blue opt-out bracelet when they decided to fall off buildings, or get in car crashes etc, and after they had passed into life threatening shock- they were ” enrolled.”

As of March 2006, more than 600 patients at 31 trauma centers in 18 states have been enrolled (italics mine). Northfield Laboratories has reported that a total of 2000 people have requested the blue bracelets, and 11 victims who initially received the blood substitute declined to continue participation once in the hospital.


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  1. #1 by Jack on June 3, 2011 - 5:36 am

    The LAW allows testing. See this article here for the truth.

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