food unfit for rats

Safety first……….right?

We  trust that new types of food products are safe  because of certain assumptions:

1) they were  tested by trusted entities-governments, large companies, universities, etc.

2) the testing was done using rigorous scientific methods

3) the results indicated the complete safety of the product.

As long as these criteria are met we feel confident that we can consume them without ill effects.  Yet, how many people know for certain that this approval process has been completed with integrity?


The firestorms that rage around new food products, or old ones for that matter,  can be reduced to concerns over the three points above.

You owe it to your body and the bodies of your loved ones, to look into these matters with an open mind. If there is conflict over these 3  simple points, where any one of them could skew the testing results away from  product safety, you should pause and consider that carefully.

There are extremists on every issue, whether political, social or  food related. But would you really consider this food issue extreme if what you ate was something unfit for rats?*

Research on GMOs  indicates some genetically modified foods may be unfit for rats.

An article about GMO research by well  respected US physician, Dr Mercola, here:

*  Dr Mercola on GMO research


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