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Veterans Day 11/11


Fallen soldiers of peace, I honor you

for having served  peace, love, brotherhood, unity, innocence, purity.


Living Warriors of the heart, I honor you

who felt the duty to pick up arms  in the darkness

and ward off enemies who would attack and destroy

peace, love, brotherhood, unity, innocence, purity.


I honor all guardians

on any side, who sought to protect these.


In the darkness of  battle

one can listen to the voice of  politics or to commanders orders or to voices of friends and family.  Those who choose to listen to their hearts within the hell of armed conflict, I especially honor you.  My highest aim is to make that darkness disappear by adding  my light to the world in whatever way I can,  so that the enemies of peace can be seen by all and be disarmed forever.


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puzzled earth

Earth is a dynamic system. Like what was done in the study of our own bodies,  science has broken it up into subjects such as geology, hydrology, oceanography.  Only recently have the studies begun to be integrated with each other. Consider the weather.  Weather began to be studied as a global system in the 1970s through the use of improved tools.  Before then science had lots of separate pieces of information about it, but did not know how they all fit together.  Before we “knew” we got theories.  Guesses.  And as anyone who has ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle knows, without a good picture on the top of the box, you really have only guesses where pieces fit together. Once the puzzle begins to take shape though, you can fit things together faster and easier.

We have huge amounts of information about the earth now. Information on magnetic pole reversals, fossil discoveries, Greenhouse gas measurements, climate changes.  Scientists  have theories about how this information fits together. Educated guesses yes, but has anyone seen the top of the  earth puzzle box? The most profound effects of the currently ramped up geophysical earth processes such as sunspots, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc., may not be their physical ones. Instead their greatest effects may be on the current scientific ideas of how these events fit together and relate in the systems of earth.

Before you let some expert convince you that the “end” of the world is imminent, please take a step back. Take a deep breath. Take a larger view. Take the warnings with a grain of salt. There are an awful lot of guesses, and a lot of unproven theories. Don’t allow them to unduly alarm you.

At least until they can show you the completed puzzle or the top of the box.


Links to pages of information about geophysical events around the world.

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MTU Volcanoes Page- World reference

Global Vulcanism Program

Earthquake info

Incorporated Research Institutions for Siesmology

Latest earthquakes around the world

About the sun

Solar and Heliosphereic Observatory



Thanks to ilco for use of  puzzle graphic; all rights reserved.

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