Stop writing, no one’s reading!

Don’t listen to that stifling voice in your head, or even outside of it. Even if you have no readers, you go right on righting, I mean writing.

Funny thing about it is, it is a sort of righting process that unfolds each time I sit down and write. Even if no one ever reads my amazing work (I know it’s brilliant), it is making a wrong way of thinking right; making a  crazy world “out there” look more sane to myself  “in here.” In my head. In my life.

Blogging helps me see issues more clearly. It focuses my attention on the subjects swarming around in my noodle that are important to me and gives them the proper definition and place in my life.

And so, I keep keeping on.  With page hits consistently in the zero to nothing range, I am writing for the most important audience of all: Myself!

And if you enjoy it too? Hey, it just gets better.

*thanks to geek and poke for the creative commons licensed comic and peyri for the creative commons smiley fingers!


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