instant heroes- Wow

I add my thoughts and prayers to those of the world for the victims and families of the shooting tragedy in Arizona.  Witnesses too are victims; Bystanders that were just missed by bullets, people who just left the space where another is now dead, the physicians that treated the victims, the first responders, all have been scarred by this one man’s violence.

But there is something absolutely amazing that happened in this tragedy. In the midst of that senseless, unexpected bloodbath, on a most ordinary day, there were  extraordinary acts of heroism: the woman who prevented the shooter from reloading, the men that tackled him to the ground, those that held him down,  the congresswoman’s aide that ran towards the shooting to help her. This plain routine event sparked the most outstanding heroism. I’m just left with wow.

These people were “ordinary” people who instantly became extraordinary. No time for thought, no formal preparation for such heroism, they just reacted, from a place of heroism so deep it was automatic.  On an “ordinary” day, doing “ordinary” things, something inside of these “ordinary” people stepped up to the plate when it was their turn. That says something to me about whats inside of  all humanity and coming out in plain sight in these trying times.

Something extraordinary.

I urge you to pay attention to this emerging new aspect in the news.  Watch for so-called ordinary situations turning extra-ordinary because of the unexpected actions of “regular” people.

Because we are all really so far from ordinary, we just forgot.


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