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A “timed intervention” or whatever current bullshit buzzwords the media is being fed at this time to describe the US bombing in Libya leads me to look at some facts. Facts that lead to disturbing conclusions.

Who has authorized this “action” in Libya and who is leading it? An extreme, unprecedented intervention, in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation that the US has been supporting for decades?

US constitution? NO

US Congress? NO

US People? NO

Obama? Yes?

Since when did US citizens give the power of the decision to begin a war over to one person, except in the face of an immediate necessity to defend our borders?

Isn’t the very definition of a dictator someone who is able to act without all those pesky distractions such as public opinion, laws, and oversight by elected officials?

If the stated purpose of  the current US military “action” is to prevent a dictator from deciding what should or shouldn’t be done by/for his country,

how is it that we are giving our leader the same dictatorial power we are trying to take away from Gaddafi?

Wake up America. You are being played.




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alternatives? Prez plays ball while missiles fall

tomahawk missileFrom foxnews today:”The U.S. fired four additional Tomahawk missiles at Libya air defense systems Sunday, bringing the grand total to 124, a senior U.S. Defense official tells Fox News.

Each Tomahawk missile costs $600,000, according to the official, bringing the initial costs of the strikes to approximately $71 million.” Read more:

The daily cost for the Iraq war was estimated at about $274,000,000.00 per day, or $11,400,000.00 per hour, or $190,000.00 per minute, or $3,200.00 per second in 2002 by President Bush’s chief economist Lawrence Lindsay.  From the brilliant article “What Iraq will cost the US” at, Jan 11, 2008.

What if……..we considered new alternatives?

What if ……..instead of all this warfare, we just dropped money  on the people of Libya instead?  Now there’s  a thought.

What if……….everyone in Libya had enough money for the food, shelter, clothes and the safety that they wanted and didn’t have to fight anyone else for it?

What if……….Libyans no longer had to be afraid to say what they thought about the government because it wouldn’t matter because the government could no longer harm them?

What if ……….Libyans no longer needed a “leader” to protect them from the big bad world because that big bad world was now throwing  money at them?

What if………. we launch alternative solutions  instead of the same old bombs that got us 8 years of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED in Iraq?

Remember that regime change? Oh yes, the US certainly brought changes there.

And why such a hurry anyway? What was the crisis that caused the president to make such a passionate  appeal to the US public to get us all on board with his decision to once again make the US an agent of “regime” change in the Middle East- RIGHT NOW!

And how did he get us all to agree so quickly to entering another war?

Oh wait, he didn’t.

He was busy in Brazil.


Pres plays ball while missiles fall

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middle east “unrest”

Unrest in the middle east.

Those words are just another attempt to control your perceptions.

Used to keep the sleeping west’s attention off the true nature of the conflict raging there. Unrest.  It sounds innocuous, like all  that is needed to fix things is just a cup of tea, or maybe  a little nap.

Framing the death-defying grasp at possibilities for change within these countries as simple unrest, makes me want to puke. “Move on citizen, there is nothing for you to view here,” says big brother. I refuse to listen to that voice and call it what it is…and “unrest”  it isn’t.  Not for those who are risking their lives.

The simmering resentments of  people all over the world against the authoritarian rules of  “daddies” dressed up as kings, sheiks, dictators, presidents, etc, that promise eternal salvation in the afterlife or merely survival in this one have erupted,  as common sense has finally won out over common traditions.


Yes, one can only hope that term unrest begins to be used, instead, to describe the daily, hourly, moment by moment, condition of all these “leaders”

that have used intimidation, secrecy, murder, torture, and thugs, to maintain their despicable lifestyles of comfort and safety at the expense of their own people

who have finally had enough.

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