middle east “unrest”

Unrest in the middle east.

Those words are just another attempt to control your perceptions.

Used to keep the sleeping west’s attention off the true nature of the conflict raging there. Unrest.  It sounds innocuous, like all  that is needed to fix things is just a cup of tea, or maybe  a little nap.

Framing the death-defying grasp at possibilities for change within these countries as simple unrest, makes me want to puke. “Move on citizen, there is nothing for you to view here,” says big brother. I refuse to listen to that voice and call it what it is…and “unrest”  it isn’t.  Not for those who are risking their lives.

The simmering resentments of  people all over the world against the authoritarian rules of  “daddies” dressed up as kings, sheiks, dictators, presidents, etc, that promise eternal salvation in the afterlife or merely survival in this one have erupted,  as common sense has finally won out over common traditions.


Yes, one can only hope that term unrest begins to be used, instead, to describe the daily, hourly, moment by moment, condition of all these “leaders”

that have used intimidation, secrecy, murder, torture, and thugs, to maintain their despicable lifestyles of comfort and safety at the expense of their own people

who have finally had enough.

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