A “timed intervention” or whatever current bullshit buzzwords the media is being fed at this time to describe the US bombing in Libya leads me to look at some facts. Facts that lead to disturbing conclusions.

Who has authorized this “action” in Libya and who is leading it? An extreme, unprecedented intervention, in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation that the US has been supporting for decades?

US constitution? NO

US Congress? NO

US People? NO

Obama? Yes?

Since when did US citizens give the power of the decision to begin a war over to one person, except in the face of an immediate necessity to defend our borders?

Isn’t the very definition of a dictator someone who is able to act without all those pesky distractions such as public opinion, laws, and oversight by elected officials?

If the stated purpose of  the current US military “action” is to prevent a dictator from deciding what should or shouldn’t be done by/for his country,

how is it that we are giving our leader the same dictatorial power we are trying to take away from Gaddafi?

Wake up America. You are being played.




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