nuclear safety…under the radar

Through news reports and headlines, mass media functions very similar to radar in the public mind, pointing attention to what is important.  There are vast numbers of scientists and other well respected voices who disagree with the popular  sentiment of the safety of nuclear power generation.  These dissident views have been pointedly kept off the media radar for years.  Countering this carefully crafted perception of safety is  the very “in your face” nature of the Fukushima disaster.  Once you begin to pay attention to it, several things  start to become clear:  Safety parameters at the plant were/are  not adequate, and the timing, amount, and type of information focused on by the media does not always seem to reflect a philosophy of primary concern for the safety of people, whether they are plant workers, the general population, or the children and infants most at risk for radiation exposure.

To assist you to see below the contrived media radar, I provide the links below. Facts help you to decide for yourself and empower your decisions about what you would like to continue to believe and what is the truth.

One point of caution before you click, I urge you not to fall into the trap of thinking nuclear energy is the best of the worst that we’ve got. If you feel yourself going there, please read this short post of mine before you do: a new year’s re-soul-ution and check out the links I provide there.

Nuclear Information Links:

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s real-time list of nuclear events here by year:

online resources about Fukushima:

A list of US nuclear accidents and information about them:

Nuclear information and resource center:

ALSOS/ Digital Library for Nuclear Issues/ Nuclear Accidents-Civilian:

also from ALSOS, digital resources about Nuclear Power:


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