Disaster Threatening Cooper Nuclear plant in US

You can listen to assurances from the experts, and continue to think all is well with the Nuclear plants in Nebraska threatened by the Mississippi floods. You can also look for yourself. I recommend a combination of both for balance. Two graphics to assist you are noted below from official sources.

The Mississippi is threatening the Cooper Nuclear power plant in Nebraska. This plant has the same type of Boiling Water reactor as the ones involved in the Fukushima disaster. Here is the latest river gauge measure as of 7AM today from the National Weather Service. (Link )  The chart that follows that is from the Nebraska Public Power District website.

These charts below update automatically.

Missouri River at Brownville

and today, from the NPPD website  about safety measures at the plant are graphed

The Cooper nuclear reactor is a General Electric Mark 1 BWR/4 series reactor plant with the same containment system as 5 of the 6  Fukushima reactors.  More detail can be found here: Open Channel at msnbc

GE’s Mark I containment system.


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