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strange weather map artifact during Irene’s pass

I accessed this strange artifact on  a weather  map near Albany, NY (Sunday, August 28th, at 8:33 EST.)  at the time that Irene was chugging through NJ.It was on the temperature map for the North East Coast for at least 15 minutes.  It looked so odd that I thought I’d take a screen shot. Wonder what it was?


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Economic cures and their proponents

Market going down

Global attention is  currently riveted on the economic situation. From our living rooms we can watch economic earthquakes, volcanoes and droughts.  As markets tank, countries reel and savings evaporate  we want answers. Why? How? When? What?

The answers that are hitting the headlines from talking heads, politicians and  experts don’t satisfy. The old tried and true solutions aren’t working anymore. These crises seem more on the order of the triple threat of the 9 pointer, towering tsunami and nuclear damage done to Fukushima. Nobody made plans for that, it was unthinkable. The economic disaster of the unthinkable has now arrived on our collective doorstep and while we  frantically mop up the mess  to  keep critical infrastructures afloat, we must also plan time to answer those questions.

This linked article and video address possible reasons for the currently volatile markets. Reasons most have not seriously considered until now that we must: From Yahoo sports of all places  Did Mark Cuban Predict the Market Crash? by Eric Adelson.

An epic Ratinger rant about the debt crisis and economic solutions linked here.

My own take on part of the cure is here. The unrest in the world is about ideologies that have not profited  people and those people have had enough. Only with enough energy to meet everyone’s needs for food, water and shelter, can we begin to consider politics or religion.

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Cure for debt ceiling waffling for both parties

Lt General Russel Honore commanded the military response to the Katrina disaster. You may remember?  It was the response that finally began to get help to the victims after the hand wringing Homeland Security, boot shopping Rice, baseball playing Rumsfeld and guitar playing Bush, all failed to help?

Here is his brilliant suggestion for solving the stalled debt ceiling talks. Even though the initial crisis has passed, this is still the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. Very well put sir!

“Our nation’s government must remember its purpose: to keep this nation free. Many disabled veterans, the ones who are praying the check comes in the mail after all, can’t work as result of injuries sustained on duty. They were willing to die to keep America free, and they sacrifice to this day. How many of the grandstanding clowns in Washington took a bullet in the name of freedom? Are they willing to sacrifice as much as the average National Guardsman does?

It’s time to get draconian. But not with the helpless elderly who need their Social Security payments, not with the powerless Army private supporting a family. I mean it’s time to load our elected officials on troop planes and send them to Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Put them in tents with no air conditioning, have Army drill sergeants teach them teamwork and physical sacrifice. When they recognize their responsibility to the people of America, they can return to D.C., their upscale restaurants, and military plane trips, as though they were royalty.” *

quoted from a CNN article published online 8/2/11. found here.

An excellent timeline summary of the gov’t response to Katrina found here.

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