White Privilege the Derbyshire Way

John Derbyshire, is newly fired from the National Review over his article in Taki’s online magazine referencing “the talk”.  In this piece he creates his own version of this conversation for white children sure to go down in US history as a flash point for white privilege and power.

Before getting lost in the media storm that is about to take place, I went to his online site to see just how terrible this John Derbyshire was:John Derbyshire.  I learned that John graduated from college in England where he studied mathematics, married a Chinese woman, Rosie, in 1986, and they live together on Long Island with their two teenage children. He is both a computer programmer and a long time writer. He has also written several widely read books.

From his article about homosexuality, published in the Houston Review in 2001, How Perfectly Disgusting, we can begin to understand how he views the social relations of minority/majority groups.

Look: in a civilized modern society, majorities owe a debt of tolerance to harmless minorities. But minorities also owe something to the majority: a decent respect for its tastes and opinions, and careful restraint in challenging them. The second part of this arrangement seems to have been forgotten. The issue, as one current joke has it, is not whether society is willing to tolerate homosexuals, so much as whether they are willing to tolerate the rest of us.

Are blacks also such a minority in Derbyshire’s world view? Substitute the term blacks here for homosexuals and it exposes an obvious case of white racism-where blacks are outsiders, a minority “group” in their own country, who then need to be constrained by white group expectations, as defined by Mr. Derbyshire.

A much more balanced “talk” for all races by associate editor of the Atlantic Max Fisher here : The Talk: What Parents Tell Their Children About John Derbyshire


A political cartoon mocking California Republican politician George Congdon Gorham (running for governor at the time) for his views on suffrage for non-whites from 1987


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