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MMS warning from the FDA

The recent FDA warning about MMS is bogus. Fair Warning: Get the facts before you believe what the Food and Drug Administration is saying about anything.

Thought for Food

I was invited to write an article for the MMS story that the US~Observer is publishing. Don’t know when it’ll be published, but you can read it here:


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did the public a great service in July 2010 when it published its official warning to consumers against the use of the product that had become known in “grassroots” circles, as the Miracle Mineral Supplement, or “MMS”. Prior to that time it was fast becoming a darling among a significant, but unrecognized population of researchers that are actively seeking effective cures to disease.

Unlike the products and methods developed by the medical science research industry that are intentionally designedtomitigate diseasesymptoms, this research group isn’t supported by grants, doesn’t operate laboratories, write about disease in academic papers, or have its own lobbyists in Washington, DC. They or their loved ones are people…

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