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If Beavis and Butthead planned a bombing

Nothing  I have read about the motives and plans of the Tsarnaev brothers regarding their involvement in the bombing in Boston makes any sense to me.  If they are guilty,  then they were as stupid as Beavis and Butthead.

Points brought up in this article from  point out so many inconsistencies that it is just beyond belief that some of the official stories we are being given are true.  Not all of the information in this article  is accurate either. Even so,  the questions raised about the US government involvement in Tamerlan’s life  before the bombing are worth answering.

The Boston Bombings and the FBI: “Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense”

And then there is the cartoon ending where, after an incredible number of bullets are sent his way, Dzhokhar gets out of the boat alive. Keep in mind, there was no weapon ever found in/near that boat that Dzhokhar could have used, and all the gunfire is from the police side of things. According to the blaze here;




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Government Math and Bombing

It doesn’t add up. Any way you do the math.  Time and time again, those paying attention to world events see loopholes in official statements, stories, and actions, so big that any kind of conspiracy theory can fit in them.

The Boston massacre is no exception. What follows is a list of links to stories that don’t fit or don’t make sense in the light of information coming from “officials” surrounding this horror.

Lindsey Graham: Wrong name hid Russia trip of  Tamerlan Tsaranaev

Yes, despite all the billions of your dollars and  at the expense of your civil rights stripping laws, a clerical error may have allowed this guy to function as a terrorist within the US with impunity. Plot hole.

More information about how the misspelled name impacted the “intelligence” agencies here from the New York Times:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev wife: What did she know about bombings?

From the CS Monitor: says wife thought hubby was watching her child while she was at work the day he was killed. A very hard worker. Working 70-80 hours a week. So who had the baby? Who is complicit in this?  Take that loophole for instance, all you people whose civil rights have been suspended over 4 oz of shampoo instead of 2, or from emailing someone with a message including the word bomb in it. Plot hole. Sink hole. And a lot of stuff is caving in there.

Feds searching home of Boston terror suspect pals — where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might have slept off the bombing

And they are “requesting” an interview with Tamerlan’s wife? Plot cavern.

Eyewitnesses to what went down with Tamerlan’s capture.

A bombing intervention drill (again) that just happens to be going on near the same live event?

See this link  from for the strange coincidences that just keep happening. What are the odds?

Sophisticated terrorists?- NOT

This  article points out such weirdness that not even a Hollywood writer would have been able to concoct. 11 incomprehensible points.
Aiding and abetting?
Tamerlan’s wife still allowed to do what ever.  Two “friends” of Dzhokhar questioned and detained due to an abundance of caution

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