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Entering the Era of Light


” We are re-entering the era of light because we’re now able to detect, understand and photograph what has been there for us all along.” From an article on about the visual evidence for energies in water.

This quote captures the essence of the fact that we have truly entered the Age of Aquarius. An age when the true nature of water is discovered and mined for it’s uplifting benefits to our world.

We have experienced revolutionary sharing in the social arena but there is also unprecedented sharing going on in scientific subjects as well. This rapidly accelerating mode of viral knowledge transfer sparks amazing new areas of investigation while rapidly disintegrating previously unassailable paradigms. Advances in science are now beginning to enter mass awareness at warp speed, catalyzing even more discovery.

The new findings about structured water have the potential to change the approximately 3/4 of our personal body’s water along with 3/4 of our entire watery world, for the better.

I’m in for a watery, Aquarian upgrade!

New water technology website here: Photonic Water Systems

Video here;

How Structured Water can change our world,  by Adam Abraham


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