Did twerking save US from WWlll?


Along with so many others, I watched Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance with a combination of disbelief  and horror. Disbelief that someone so talented chose not to demonstrate it and horror at the lows people are reaching for in the entertainment industry. Personal taste aside, I think the most amazing part of Miley’s performance happened afterwards.

While the US president was taking aim at a new war, thanks to the VMA, American’s outrage needle was stuck on the blurred lines of appropriate twerking. Instead of being able to garner the knee-jerk bombing reaction to the horrific chemical attack in Syria that Obama seemed to desire, America was fixated on something much closer to home, and to Robin Thicke.

When we could have been obliterating another section of the Middle East, Miley had us outrageously obliterating her  warm fuzzy teddybear-loving personna instead. Her twerktastic performance set the internet on fire  and the only thing Americans were blowing  up were social networks.  The energy spent defending or denouncing this hot button issue ran the war-hype media machine into the ground.   By the time we all came up for air, it  was too late to turn the tide to getting serious about instant WAR.

I for one, thank  Ms Cyrus,  for disarming us (although I think that was never part of that particular word usage before?) and keeping the US busy with more important things than another mindless war.


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