Unbelievably Small Military Action-John Kerry

What are we doing now in the US, starting McWars? One unbelievably small limited kind of effort with a side of fries, please.

If another country bombed the US in this Unbelievably Small way, we would all very quickly conclude they were at war with us. Yet, we can just bomb another country and go? Since when?

There is not even conclusive proof that Assad is the one who is responsible for the chemical attack. For all we know it could have been some idiot with slippery fingers cooking up some homemade trouble that got tragically distracted. Oops.  Everybody and their mother then jumps on board that train to point fingers at the other guy and we have an international whodunnit around which we start a war?

Have we learned nothing from WMDs hiding behind Bush’s?

As a US citizen, I do not consent to bombing Syria in even unbelievably small amounts.

John Kerry’s remarks at this link:   John Kerry Syria  


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