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Connecting Radioactive dots

Jeffrey R Immelt

Chairman of the Board and CEO  of GE

former president and CEO of GE Healthcare

January 11, 2011: Chairman on the Jobs and Competitiveness advisory board to President Obama created by executive order *

GE provided and ran the reactors at Fukushima along with TEPCO

There are 23 GE supplied reactors-GE Mark 1 BWR – in the US of the same type that failed in Fukushima where the spent fuel ponds are suspended 100 feet above the floor.

1/10/14 Barak related: Loretta Fuddy and Keith Yamamoto plane crash: The two people involved in producing the “official” birth certificate of Obama.

* from the article here: “G.E., one of the nation’s largest companies, routinely has a wide variety of regulatory, trade, contracting and other issues before the federal government, on matters as varied as television mergers, military hardware and environmental cleanup”

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Google’s for-profit surveillance problem

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