Yes, Virginia, there are working prototypes.

In this article from Collective evolution

Multiple Scientists Confirm the Reality of Free Energy -Heres the Proof

Arjun Walia, highlights scientific research that proves the reality of the availability of free energy. Facts that top researchers around the world already know. Technology has already been developed that is able to tap into what is termed the “zero-point” energy field. And suppressed. Sometimes violently. Sterling D Allan, a leader in bringing informationĀ  surrounding alternative energy topics to the public, maintains mountains of such revelations at his website Peswiki.


Paramahansa Tewari:

“…a senior engineer with India’s Department of Atomic Energy-Nuclear Power Corporation, also directs the Kaiga Project, India’s largest atomic power facility, in Karnataka. He freely acknowledges his debt to DePalma, who has shared his experimental results with Tewari for many years. According to Tewari, “The electrical power generated by the Space Power Generator is indeed commercially viable and should be brought to the notice of the general public.” (ARJUN. DECEMBER 4, 2012. LINK)

If you want the truth about free energy, follow the money. That is the quickest way to see who will not benefit from the release of the people of the earth from the imposed tyranny of reliance on gas and oil.


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    QEG opensourced link from my blog

  1. Yes, Virginia, there are working prototypes. | Upgrade the Lighting

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