It’s not about the cows…“We love America and we love each other,” Carol Bundy said. “Together, we’re standing up. This is not about cows; it’s about our federal government. They have unlimited power right now, and we’re tired of it.”

The current situation at the Bundy ranch is something that all Americans should pay close attention to. It is not just a story about whether the Bundy’s have dotted all their grazing right “i”s or crossed all their taxable “t”s.  The event unfolding in Nevada is about how we, as the people of this country, desire our government to behave. Local, state, federal. All of it.

The Bundy ranch dispute will go down in history as an answer to that question, just as other decisional flashpoints have. The difference that I see between this and  previous points is that more people are paying attention to the causal factors of this dispute.

We, the people of this country, are no longer being lulled back to indifference by a 20 second soundbite from national news outlets that seek to frame our vision. We are thinking. We are observing. We are awakening to the realization that things have gone on behind our collective awareness that, just maybe, we don’t agree with. And we may decide that these things should change.

What? When? Where? “We” will let you know.


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