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Why is it always Pit Bulls?



pitbull angels

The latest horrific dog on human attack that has made the headlines occurred in Cincinnati Ohio.  A child mauled into critical condition with nearly unimaginable damage. I hear the chanting begin from Pit Bull owners and dog lovers everywhere,

it’s not the breed, it’s the owners…it’s not the breed, it’s the owners…it’s not the breed, it’s the owners…it’s not the breed, it’s the owners…

According to the CDC, about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year. Almost 1 in 5 bitten require medical attention, half of these are children. Why don’t these types of attacks from other dog breeds make the headlines? Is it because the ones involving Pit Bulls are more serious, more often unprovoked? I can’t say for sure, but from articles I’ve read, that is the way it seems. When was the last time you read about a poodle mauling someone? Can you truly tell me that there are just that many Pit Bull owners that are irresponsible? Or are these statistics pointing to a type of personality that is drawn towards owning this breed? The facts are very dramatically pointing at either the breed or the owners. Take your pick, but something is very wrong with this picture.

 According to this website:   

  In the 9-year period from 2005 to 2013, pit bulls killed 176 Americans and accounted for 62% of the total recorded deaths (283). Combined, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers accounted for 74% of these deaths.


I will link to articles here that I come across on the net. Let’s see who shows up at the top. Owners? Dogs?

7/30/14 Dog attacks and kills 7 month old baby.  Not even experts can tell if a particular dog is an American Pit Bull or an American Stafforshire Terrier. They are that much alike. *Pit Bull Rescue Central

5/13/14 Syracuse man arrested after his Pitbull attacks another man 2 Pit Bulls attack man’s dog in his front yard and he tries to break it up and sustains serious injuries

4/23/14 Mom attacks pit bull, bites off it’s ear to save daughter unprovoked attack by “friendly” Pit Bull on 2 year old who sustains serious injuries

12/15/13 Woman, 73 is in rehabilitation after dog attack  2 Pit Bulls that lived next door to this 73 year old woman sent her to the hospital with serious injuries.


Thanks to  Beverly & Pack on Flickr for this creative commons licensed pic! Breed Specific Legislation, BSL, kills innocent bully breeds, aka Pit Bull dogs


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