Cities and Their Devilish Solutions

devil sweater

In a pivotal scene from the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, style powerhouse Miranda dresses Andy down for not caring that the fashion carefree blue sweater she wears is ultimately the result of decisions made by people in that room. Point taken, Andy changes both her perception of fashion and her behavior. The story then moves on in an entirely different direction.In the same manner,  many of your immediate life/work choices are determined by decisions made in rooms mostly invisible to you. Decisions being made at higher levels of local and non-local government.

In the US we are seeing unbelievably huge problems in our cities, St Louis’ racial unrest, Detroit’s water wars, to name two. Cities, by their very nature, reap the concentrated effects of politics, economics, and social order from larger groups.  Although felt only at  immediate human levels by the people  who live there, some of these problems are so big that the world is paying attention. The UN is denouncing Detroit’s social policies and Amnesty International is speaking out about policing in Ferguson.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the enormous scope of these events, yet it becomes easier to find solutions if you have a handle on their causes.  Blogs, tweets, and social media sites are ways people are beginning to  see connections between what goes on at the top and how that shakes out at the bottom. They have allowed us to see into the decision-making  “rooms” of the powerful.

Instead of unfortunate apparel, the decisions made in these rooms design life and death experiences for the rest of us. Solutions can be swift though, once we perceive what is responsible for the problems. These perceptions can move us in entirely new directions as well, as we change things up for a much, much, better looking future.



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