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Big, Black and Angry


Darren Wilson’s personal demons may have been what caused him to kill Mike Brown, but this is not over for him just because 9 people said so. There is a bigger spectre coming towards him now in the form of dark and very angry bad karma. Justice will not be denied in this case. Too many people have prayed. Too many people have poured their lives and love into making it happen.

No one can disagree that Wilson was afraid of Mike Brown. The grand jury evidence pouring into the public domain has shown that to the world. Yet eyewitnesses clearly disagree with points in his version of what happened. How does this not constitute a reason for a trial? One also has to ask the obvious question: Was race a factor in this decision? 9 white jurors, 3 black  and only 9 votes needed for an indictment?

“The police say the officer shot Brown after the teen shoved the officer and tried to wrestle the officer’s gun from him. But a number of witnesses, including Johnson, refute those claims. And in the wake of the shooting, the Ferguson Police Department has asked the St. Louis County police to step in and take over the investigation ” -bold and italics mine-from August 12

The system has not failed or succeeded in Ferguson. The system was misused. The improper, biased, and racially inequitable use of the system has now become the central subject for any thoughtful person. When people begin to ask how, why and by whom, the answers will finally lead to real change.


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