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Cosby in a Brilliant Spotlight for (a) Change

Chloe Goins, the latest alleged victim attempting to bring Cosby to justice, has demonstrated that the power scale for raped or sexually abused women has finally tipped in their direction. I feel nothing but admiration and appreciation for these accusers. There are any number of reasons why they have or have not remained silent. The good news is those reasons are no longer holding them back from speaking their truth and that is good news for women everywhere.

White privilege has been all over the racially charged news lately, yet there is another, even higher order privilege that has not been widely discussed. Male privilege and its institutionalized effects. It is a fact of that hierarchy that even a male on the bottom of the racial totem pole has more privilege than the corresponding female.

This genius comedian has become an unwittingly brilliant light shining in another direction. He  is now publicly showing us the underbelly of the power beast that has harmed women for so long, so we can slay it forever.  Shine on Bill, shine on.



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