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911, the truth, and you

truther nuts?

 Are they really nuts?

Much of the information coming to light about 9/11 contradicts the  “official” media supported explanations. When people are confronted with evidence that they were lied to, especially by those they trusted, it causes them psychological pain. When we feel pain, coping mechanisms kick in.

When your beliefs about the world or your place in it are challenged, fear and anxiety are normal reactions. The bigger the challenge to your belief system, the higher the levels of anxiety will be.

Contrary to what many have told you, the truth does not always come dressed up in bliss and angelic choirs. The truth can set you free, but first it might make you mad as hell or scared out of your wits!

The video at the link below, created by psychologists, may help to bring you a better understanding of your emotions surrounding the events of 9/11.

video about cognitive dissonance surrounding the events of 9/11

Thanks to FlickrJunkie for the face image via Creative Commons  license.


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