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Trayvon’s death was worth it.

A young man is dead. Needlessly. That is the heart of the matter.

Many question, “Why?”

And many are disturbed by the answers.

Without all the facts, we constantly rearrange the ones we know to try to make sense of them. One fact is that the demand for the arrest of George Zimmerman seems very reasonable in the light of the evidence that has surfaced.

It is quite possible that Zimmerman’s motives were not driven by racism when he decided to follow Trayvon that night. Following someone who seems suspicious to us,  is not a racist crime. It seems to me that the  racial crimes in this situation may have occurred after Trayvon’s death;  in the efforts that were made and are still being made to try to make Zimmerman’s culpability in this tragedy disappear.  People acting and talking as though the taking of the life of this young man was not worth the effort of a serious and careful investigation and trial is saddening.

Focusing on claims of racism on the part of George Zimmerman takes away from the truer case there may be for racism in the events surrounding the investigation. Robert Zimmerman, George’s father, a white former judicial Orange County and Virgina magistrate, along with the white District Attorney, the white Police chief who subsequently resigned and the white officers that interviewed Zimmerman after the incident, should all have their actions closely scrutinized. As experts in probable cause, was there an attempted conspiracy by these men in positions of power to sweep a black youth’s death under the rug of white power and privilege? I say shine the light there and see what shows up.

Vigilance that all are treated as equals under the law is the only cornerstone of justice for all.


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War & Peace

I do what I can, and invite you to do what you can to create a more peaceful world

This one man band  does it with music…


just us

if a tree falls in the woods, and nobodys around
they ask does it make a noise when it hits the ground?
if shots ring out on a desert night, and nobody hears it
does anyone answer for the loss of those spirits?

oh my lord oh my lord

and there aint no one to hear their prayer
there aint no camera filming there
aint no one to hear their calls
there aint nobody listening

there’s no peace now
because there’s no justice
there’s no peace now
because there’s no justice
there’s just us

tides rising, what you gonna do about it?
get canoe for your crew and forget about it
you are not obliged to turn the cheek
and feel free to change the station when the children weep
i’m gonna be sick man, we’re in such a fix man
i got no hope or rope, and i’m knee deep in quicksand
the richer the rich man, the poorer the poor get
nobody cares until its right on your doorstep
who got the time to wear another mans shoes?
who got the time to hear another mans blues?
but you might wanna help see your brother through,
you might need your brother when they’re coming for you

there’s no peace now, because there’s no justice
there’s no peace now, because there’s no justice

there’s just us

so tell me, how do you recognize your brother?
same mother, same land, or same color?

well, i guess that’s the way its got to be
could everbody play on the same team?
is that the way its got to be?
could everybody play on the same team?

united we stand, united how we come
we unite the people to the sound of the drum

there’s no peace now, because there’s no justice
there’s no peace now, because there’s no justice

there’s just us


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