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Mike Brown’s been murdered-News Media, start your Engines.

Photo: Twitter/@kodacohenHistory shows us that the status-quo of misused power can  be maintained two ways, more control and more ignorance. When a lot of people start to pay attention to the problem with the way things are done, their ignorance begins to be remedied. Social media is letting the cats of truth out of their usually carefully controlled bag and the mass media, as guardians of  the status-quo, start their framing engines  to try to control the flow of information.


8/10/14 7:30 am

 CNN headlines Missouri community outraged after police shoot teen

FRAME: They lead with the Truth. Builds trust.

A shooting involving police left a teen dead Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri, authorities said.

FRAME: A shooting involving police. Already the outrage at the horror of this young man, gunned down in broad daylight, is downplayed. Instead, this framing  allows you to include others in the “shooting” picture in your head, as though they were shooting too. Perhaps the man had a gun. Perhaps he was shooting at police. Plenty of other shooting scenarios in the news to influence you to think this way.

FRAME: Authorities said. Getting in the expert opinion in the first sentence to influence you that the police were only “involved” not responsible, from the very first sentence! The “authorities” say it’s a police involved shooting. Police are involved in shootings all the time. Move along citizen, there’s nothing to see here.

Officers heard gunfire at the protests, and it took them hours to secure the scene for county homicide detectives to get evidence safely before removing Brown’s body, according to Jackson.

FRAME: at the protests. Multiple. There is no stated connection between the gunshots and why it took police hours to “secure” the scene. These are just two facts strung together to help you jump to that conclusion.  Without carefully reading that “and” in there, you are led to think there is.  The fact is that Mike’s mother had to stand and watch her son’s body lie in that street for four hours, while police brought in “crowd control” dogs, hundreds more police officers, riot trucks, the works. Was that crowd so outraged, so dangerous? That is the question  I come away from this article with. The phrase “at the protests” sounds like organized protests and marchers and signs, not  the spontaneous outpouring of emotion from a hurting community that gathers together IN PROTEST  to let anyone! EVERYONE!  know, about an apparently unwarranted murder of an innocent person at the hands of those  sworn to serve and protect.

These are only a couple of examples. Be careful when you read the news. Don’t let the innocent be framed for murder.




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Dead and Controlled-what are we willing to pay?

1/12/13 When off duty sheriffs acting as  mall security restrained Ethan Saylor for his “uncooperativeness,”  the 26 year old with Down’s syndrome died  in their custody. Ethan had just finished watching a movie with his caregiver and had returned to the theater to sit down and wait while the caregiver brought the car around. Apparently he didn’t understand the directions of these men and there was a struggle. They controlled him. Now he’s dead. There are no charges against the men responsible for “restraining” him.

5/8/13 David Sal Silva. Father of four. Passing out anywhere other than your own bed is never a good idea, but is it worthy of death? When Bakersfield officers went to arouse the sleeping David Sal Silva in the parking lot of a hospital, they say he put up a fight. I would have to, if I was  disoriented, shouted at, and had a dog snarling and biting me in the dark. The officers say he resisted arrest.  They “controlled” him. He died shortly thereafter. According to the cororner’s report, of natural causes.  According to eye witness reports, by being beaten with police batons. There are no charges against the men responsible for gaining “control” of him that night.

Video footage of the tragic death of Oscar Grant  in California in 2009 show aggressive police action by officers in the minutes prior to “subduing” the subject that ultimately led to one officer shooting Grant in the back as he lay prone and handcuffed on the ground. According to Wikipedia:

On November 5, 2010, Mehserle was sentenced to two years with double credit for time already served, reducing his term by 292 days for the 146 days he has already spent in jail.[122] The judge overturned the gun enhancement, which could have added an additional 3 to 10 years to the sentence.[123][124] He was released from prison at 12:01am on June 13, 2011.

7/28/13 A 95 year old in a Chicago nursing home was so much of a threat,  he had to be shot with a taser, followed by  shotgun blasted bean-bag rounds? Uncooperative  and  refusing to be sent to a hospital for medical care, the staff called the police.  He died shortly after the incident of internal injuries. The investigation is currently pending. 8/7/13

 8/13/13 A graffiti tagging teen, Israel Hernandez, running AWAY from officers in Miami Florida, was finally caught up with then tased. Reports have surfaced that  the officers involved high-fived each other over his dying body. An investigation is ongoing.

The real horror is that these types of control scenarios are constantly played out against the poor, weak, and invisible, by heavily armed police forces every day with no accountability. Or only the lightest of sentences given to those responsible for gaining “control” at the highest of  costs. Think George Zimmerman here.

What kind of world “order” do you want to live in?

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