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questioning the official story- Aurora massacre

Robert Holmes has had an extremely successful career financially. Arlene Holmes works also.  So why does James Holmes still have a public defender?  Where have his  parents disappeared to?  Why are they not publicly defending him?

Why are the investigators so sure there is only one person involved in this crime? Why does a person who just randomly murdered men women and children tell police that his apartment was boobytrapped? Where did he learn how to handle the firearms? Why did he passively allow himself to be arrested?  Why is there no online presence for James Holmes?

These are only a few of the many questions that are raised whose answers are unknown, and which should be answered easily, but haven’t been.  These kinds of unanswered questions raise red flags in people’s minds over the “official” stories they are being told in the media, including in mine. Some of my questions are below.


Why is it that the first thing that James Holmes’ parents did was have  their ” family” lawyer defend the mother instead of get a lawyer for their son?

Why is there no discussion of James Holmes family in the media?

I will add updated information below:

Some questions answered here:


Why did  Colorado University hire Robert Miller to investigate their handling of James as a student there?

CALL7 Investigators found Miller has close ties to the university. He’s graduated from CU Law School in1965 and according to his website, he won a $58 million verdict for the university in 2003 in a patented lawsuit against a major pharmaceutical company.

For more than 45 years, Miller has served as both a prosecutor and defense counsel in many complex legal matters.  He routinely conducts internal investigations and advises companies on compliance programs.  He was a Judge Advocate General in the U.S. Air Force, District Attorney of Weld County, U.S. Attorney for Colorado, Chief Counsel of Litigation for US WEST, Inc., and has worked for several prestigious law firms including his present position as a partner at Perkins Coie, LLP.

Various commentators on this subject that I have found reasonable:

“Who’s your Daddy? ”  Arthur Gwynne from mtweekly. An article with questions about Robert Holmes, the alleged shooter’s father.

Strange Facts surrounding this event:

Colorado University had identical drill same day as ‘Batman’ massacre from Hang the Bankers blog discusses the coincidence of students learning about emergency techniques for a theater shooting event the same day.


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