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911 “Stand Down” and general time line, lest we forget


The only talking head you should listen to in regards to 911, should be your own. Facts or Opinions? You choose.

impact hole Pentagon 911

A picture of the original hole in the Pentagon, before the roof collapsed. The circle is the impact area.  A large high resolution of this photograpic  image can be found here:!Pentagon911CRAZY.jpg

Here are links to  pages of general 911 information and links to pages about the conditions of the “stand down” of the military on 911. Peruse them for the facts.

Mark R Elsis, at,  has created a comprehensive timeline that is marked in little black boxes on this site. By clicking on a time, another page opens that  has links to all the significant occurrences around  that time of day.From the site, comes this caution:

When reading this 911 Timeline, be particularly aware of the parts that deal with the September 18, 2001 NORAD Press Release about the response…

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US Propaganda Enters Into Insane, Irrational Overdrive In Attempt to “Sell” War In Syria

They think they are winning by wearing us down with the blaring propaganda trumpets. They are just making their tactics more obvious.

2012 The Awakening

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Thanks to a dizzying barrage of lies, mainstream media fear-mongering and a couple of beheadings, the Obama Administration finally achieved its long sought after war in Syria. The tactic that proved most effective in mobilizing the American public back into a shivering, post-9/11 fetal position, was the same tactic used by elites in the UK to convince Scotland against voting for independence. That tactic, as I detailed in a recent post, is fear.

However, fear in itself is not enough. It must be coupled with endless slogans and misdirection by the mainstream media and politicians. It must lead the public to subconsciously embrace a thought process that is completely irrational. Such tactics can be labeled propaganda, and it results in a public suddenly supporting a war it strongly opposed only a year ago. All it takes…

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An “exceptional” ly large theater

“Theater of war” is a term for the area where modern warfare is conducted.  Thanks to Obama’s failed attempt at ratcheting up American outrage to a righteous bombing level, that theater now encompasses the US media, and we all get to watch.  On ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC and PBS.

Tuesday, for Act 1, the White House picked their actors, requesting that the  “top” anchors from each network be the ones chosen for interviews with the President, ensuring public trust. The White house also created the schedule: no one could claim a scoop because all interviews would be held until after 6 pm, followed closely at 9 pm by Obama in the bully pulpit during a prime time address to the entire nation.

But Act 2 defied everyone’s expectations as Putin’s NY times op-ed piece became the voice of reason in this bizarre attempt to engage  the country in a course of action that the American public clearly does not support. Some members of Congress tally upwards of 90+ percent of their constituent contacts as negative regarding  military intervention.

The good that is coming out of this is that the American public is starting to become aware of the fact that the US is already massively involved in Syria, aiding and abetting the rebels that,  Putin claims, may ultimately be responsible for the chemical crime that began this confrontation in the first place.

As nauseous Congressional leaders try to deal with Putin’s bravado, American heads  have begun to spin with the realization of the levels of espionage, arms provision, covert actions, and secret interventions already being done in their name in Syria.

There may be more at stake in Act 3 than any one had imagined.  We could be watching  the creation of national rationality in our lifetimes, as people tired of warring their way to peace decide: enough is enough.

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9-11 Bomb the children to save the children?

I did not watch Obama’s special TV message to the US where he continued to press for military action against Syria. I did not listen because the President of the United States has a bully pulpit. The good will of millions and millions of people give him that opportunity.  When he can’t convince the Congress to take the path of action he desires against Syria, he has the right to go to the people.  He does not have a right to terrorize them or mislead them.

The world has tipped-in a good way-towards responsibility. The 12, hard, learning years, we have put in since 9/11/2001 are finally paying off.

  • The US populace  has finally  learned that there is not a terrorist behind every tree, no matter what the “experts” might say-Iraq.
  • We have learned that governments sometimes make big claims –WMD– that do not stand the test of time.
  • We have learned that Missions Accomplished in short order, may not be so successful in the long run – Afghanistan.

“We can stop children from being gassed to death and thereby make our own children safer in the long run, I believe we should act. That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes America exceptional.” President Obama 9/10/13

WE, THE PEOPLE Can act, peacefully, by not initiating military action against Syria.

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