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ISIS Ebola and You

isis People ask me why I think the hype around ebola is manipulative. “By who?” “For what?”

My answer is in this quote from Walter Russel:

“The world divided unto itself–half master–half slave–cannot stand. There has never been any other kind of world. Call it lord and serf–conqueror and conquered-rich and poor–exploiter and exploited–privileged and underprivileged–or employer and employee–it makes no difference. All are master and slave when the interchange between the two is unbalanced.” “…people are watching for the approach of an enemy from outside our borders. The enemy may not come that way, nor may he need come with guns. The enemy is already here–in every country of the free world–and his stronger than guns armament is fanatical hate–deep hatred in the heart of the slave who has arisen to slay his master.” Walter Russell

The economic masters of the modern world are afraid. Afraid of the slaves. That means you and me because the answer to oppression is always liberation from oppression. That see-saw dynamic is played out everywhere, from Ferguson to Syria, Wall Street to Walmart. It may take centuries, it may take days but history proves this is true, over and over and over.

Seen through this clear perspective, one looks out on governments desperate to spy on and then control their own populations and sees one reason only, to maintain the status-quo. Have you ever stopped to think who really benefits from the way things are right now?

Call it the fatherland, the motherland, the homeland, doesn’t matter-all names for the same thing. We got it. We want to keep it. From Them. The war on terror will never end as long as those who “have” are terrified of those they took it away from.

Look behind the ebola propaganda and scare tactics and you will see continual and speedy attempts at building more infrastructures of power and control. Ask yourself again, who will really benefit from all that centralized power?

Hard questions. Hard answers. The truth will set you free, but first it may make you mad as hell.



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9-11 Bomb the children to save the children?

I did not watch Obama’s special TV message to the US where he continued to press for military action against Syria. I did not listen because the President of the United States has a bully pulpit. The good will of millions and millions of people give him that opportunity.  When he can’t convince the Congress to take the path of action he desires against Syria, he has the right to go to the people.  He does not have a right to terrorize them or mislead them.

The world has tipped-in a good way-towards responsibility. The 12, hard, learning years, we have put in since 9/11/2001 are finally paying off.

  • The US populace  has finally  learned that there is not a terrorist behind every tree, no matter what the “experts” might say-Iraq.
  • We have learned that governments sometimes make big claims –WMD– that do not stand the test of time.
  • We have learned that Missions Accomplished in short order, may not be so successful in the long run – Afghanistan.

“We can stop children from being gassed to death and thereby make our own children safer in the long run, I believe we should act. That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes America exceptional.” President Obama 9/10/13

WE, THE PEOPLE Can act, peacefully, by not initiating military action against Syria.

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Unbelievably Small Military Action-John Kerry

What are we doing now in the US, starting McWars? One unbelievably small limited kind of effort with a side of fries, please.

If another country bombed the US in this Unbelievably Small way, we would all very quickly conclude they were at war with us. Yet, we can just bomb another country and go? Since when?

There is not even conclusive proof that Assad is the one who is responsible for the chemical attack. For all we know it could have been some idiot with slippery fingers cooking up some homemade trouble that got tragically distracted. Oops.  Everybody and their mother then jumps on board that train to point fingers at the other guy and we have an international whodunnit around which we start a war?

Have we learned nothing from WMDs hiding behind Bush’s?

As a US citizen, I do not consent to bombing Syria in even unbelievably small amounts.

John Kerry’s remarks at this link:   John Kerry Syria  

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Bomb Syria – where?

Finding a bombing target in a country already devastated by years of civil war can not be easy. How do you tell which sandbag pile is pro or con? And pro or con what? This is a quagmire of decisions that surely requires more than the one weekend of intelligence gathering Obama wanted to give it. Seems his finger is  stuck on the war trigger, just like his predecessor, no matter what the evidence shows,

Syrian Civil War

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